A vote was taken at our August meeting and it was almost unanimous that we want to have Part 2 of Strain/Counter Strain with Patricia Bowes, Phd. Fortunately, Patricia is willing and available.

Remember to bring your tables to this ready to apply meeting. She demonstrates, we practice and we learn and have FUN.

Remember: This course is a continuation of the topic covered in Strain/Counter Strain Part 1. Strain Counter Strain or Positional Release Therapy is a non-invasive, painless technique of resetting muscles with positions of comfort.

This is an osteopathic method that can be applied anywhere with clothes on, using no lotions or oils.It can be incorporated into any massage modality and session. It is an easy to understand and apply practice which seems to easily dissolve painful points which lead to the correction of structural and functional problems. This two hour class will cover a brief history of Strain Counter Strain and its subsequent methods. There will be a comprehensive explanation of the principles and mechanics.

Workshop practice will address palpating tender points, positions where those painful points will reset the dysfunction and completing the release. Workshop participants will leave the class having reset a number of their own painful points such as shoulders, neck, thumb, low back, elbows and feet. You will have with a clear understanding of how to perform the basic method on their clients right away.

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